Rose and white gold topaz dress ring

Rose and white gold topaz dress ring

A stunning lady,  Celeigh came to me with a ring her grandmother had gifted her years ago and had never really 'loved' it. It was a little bit dated and generally sat in her draw. When Celeigh came to me and asked about redesigning it, i was defiantly up for the task. 

When a client comes to me I ask a lot of questions, to get to a point where I can see a definite style that they are liking. This could be me taking note of there phone case, handbag, style of clothing, things that have nothing to do with jewellery.

This design took a little bit of time, getting the line correct, trying to soften the straight lines of the emerald cut topaz, but I got there in the end. 

The brief was  - flatish design, no halo, similar to art deco, rose gold band, oh and of course it has to be beautiful. 

When Celeigh opened the box - the words were, oh my gosh it's beautiful...

The end result being a total 1 of a kind.

Goal achieved....