Australian Sapphire and diamond remodel of bridal set 2019

Australian Sapphire and diamond remodel of bridal set 2019

I had a lovely lady Jenni came to me asking me to check her much loved bridal set. A classic 90,s trilogy with a aussie sapphire in the middle and a fitted eternity ring. The shanks were so worn and sharp at the base - they actually took skin off her knuckles. Once removed and inspected - there was alot of wear on the sides of the rub settings as well, pretty much had worn through and the rubs needed re-doing as well. The sapphire's facets were also terribly worn, even though sapphires are nearlly as hard as diamonds, over time they can scratch. A repolish can be done from a professional gem cutter. So with engagement ring and eternity rings pretty much needing fully redone, we went to work on the redesign. This is Jenni's original bridal set

After going through some basic images, we worked out that rubs/bezel settings were best suited for Jenni's work, also a lowish style setting. We also figured out Jenni loved baguette diamond accents. Also re using the 18ct yellow gold from her existing rings was also a big plus if I could do it.

So i added a few extra diamonds and incorporated her new found love of baguette diamonds.  Keep in mind the new diamonds i supplied aren't always large, its whatever fits and looks correct in the design,  for me its not always about the bigger sale, its about keeping true to the design and what works for my clients.

Once the design was locked down then I got to work on how to use the yellow gold to make it all look like it is part of the design and not just an add on. By setting the sapphire in yellow gold, think warm blue colours with warm colours of yellow gold. I could then use Jenni's yellow gold for the shanks and a new fitted wedding ring. Tying all the colours and gemstone colours together.

Now the new set is can be worn and loved for another 20 odd years.Fitted wedding ring using Jenni's gold from her original rings..