The Process

My business is based on creativity and manufacturing. I have an office and small workshop, in Northgate Brisbane. I'm a private jeweller which means  I work directly with you, by appointment, to your tastes and likes to create something just for the individual, not for the masses. We already have enough jewellery stores full of throw away, impersonal jewellery that doesn't mean a great deal. So its my job to create something that is personal to you. Something that tells a story.

Basically we do a face to face consultation, you bring your ideas, needs wants and desires and we have a conversation. If you feel comfortable with me and my ideas then we continue with ruff designs and concepts. Once go ahead is given you can pick your diamonds or gemstones and I can then get to work on your special piece. 

My workshop is on the Northside of Brisbane and appointments are available by appointment, which are flexible. I'm easy to reach either via the socials, text or emails.