Tears from Heaven - The story of Zeus

Tears from Heaven - The story of Zeus
This pendant is the story of Zeus, an 8 year old beautiful fluffy German shepherd. This pendant was handmade for his mum. It contains some of the big boy's hair and if you look closely you'll see some sparkles, those are actual diamond chips, yep real diamond.
Zeus was a fierce protector, but never aggressive, with his big deep bark letting me know he knew I had come for a visit, and would happily stick his head up over the fence for a big pat. His coat was so very soft, it was amazing to touch... 
He got sick very quickly during covid, and is now happily pain free watching over his family from above.
Now Zeus'y can be with his mum all the time always watching over her, always the  protector. He is missed...  
I made this pendant with future adjustments in mind. As with all pieces of jewellery we love to wear - the metal does wear, all be it slowly. So because the teardrop shaped gem is made from a very hard resin, it means it can't take any heat whatsoever. This means any repair work that needs doing, can be done by removing the resin gem, doing any repair work to worn out part, and resetting the resin gem. And because it is claw set, removing the gem won't damage the setting, and is easily reset. It is a jeweller's job to think of every possible outcome, every detail is thought of, well 99% anyways.
Fly high Zeus, everyone misses you.