The Bauble Ring.. a bespoke beauty!

The Bauble Ring.. a bespoke beauty!

We all have jewellery sitting on our dressing table or in our jewellery box that doesn't get out as much as we would like it to. Or maybe we have jewellery that we used to wear but is now a bit out of date.

I had a lovely local lady come to me with her many jewels that she wanted made into one ring for this very reason.  So she could wear them all more -  all in once amazing piece!


 The brief was wide, low and not symmetrical but still balanced.

It took many hours of drawing, creating, redesigning and tinkering at my bench, but the finished ring was an amazing bespoke piece...  a massive 74 diamonds made in platinum and 18ct yellow gold. 


 You won't find this beauty anywhere else!  She is spectacular.  And it's these unique pieces that make me realise how special my job is.